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Arthonious [userpic]

So Saturday night (or Sunday morning) I was up until about 5am then I realized that the clocks has gone forwards so it was now 6am making it the latest (or earliest) I have ever gone to bed. I have gotten up earlier than that.

Oh and before you get the idea that I spend my Saturday nights partying like all the cool guys out there, I was playing Dragon Age: Origins (great game (looking forward to buying the expansion (if available (too many brackets (must stop (NOW [SQUARE BRACKETS {YAY!!!}])))))) like any other lame loser (that's right go back to before the brackets (because you have no idea what I'm talking...f**k I'm doing it (again [STOP]))).

Oh and my sleep cycle has yet to recover.


Watched Go-Ongers...

Twas pretty good...

Like ep 47 at the end...

48 too...

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Arthonious [userpic]

Today I completed my first day volunteering at Reboot, I got a lot done (include cleaning a usb keyboard) and after a successful day I had to walk home (there was a little rain if anyone was asking).

I was very nervous about starting at Reboot but at the end of the day I think I gained a lot in terms of confidence. But when I realized that I would be walking home my anxiety returned, but not to the degree I would have expected. During the walk home I was amazingly calm (if anything I was scared about being scared) there were times when I lost my nerve somewhat but overall I held it together pretty well.

Now I feel good confident and a little sleepy so goodnight!

Current Mood: accomplished
Arthonious [userpic]

Is that how you spell it? Or is it two 'p's?

Anyhow that's not what I'm here to discuss.

At 18:45 this evening I was laying on the ground in the fetal position clutching my backpack silently begging my parents to go away as they knocked on my door and pleaded with me to go to my Japanese lesson. I told them I was tired and so I wouldn't go, in truth I was depressed because earlier today I had to make a phone call which did not get made because I was too nervous. I felt awful and I'm no good at Japanese so I would feel even worse if I went so I decided not to go, my parents thought differently and pressured me to go!

I would not move, I kept thinking about how I didn't eat breakfast today, didn't get up until nearly 4pm, despite waking at 10.20am, and I didn't even finish my meatballs for the first time since I was little. I felt depressed, acted depressed and whenever I went to Japanese class I felt like a failure.

Eventually I sat up and started thinking. Somewhere along the line I remembered a scene from friends where Ross (referencing his hands which Rachel claimed was his best feature) says "The only person whose going to enjoy these bad boys are me." I burst out in hysterical laughter every time I thought of it. I admit that was a low point in my life (funny as the joke was) but now that I am feeling better I don't even crack a smile...well maybe a little one.

I am considering freezing out my parents in aggravating my depression, but then again as far as they're concerned I was just tired...

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Arthonious [userpic]

The last few nights I have been going to bed late (round 1-1.30am) so last night I decided to go to bed early, instead I went to bed a little after 2am...anyhow the whole day I'm constantly tired just wanting to sleep, planning on definitely going to bed early tonight which should be easy given that I'm having trouble staying awake as it is. WRONG! WRONG! YOU COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG!!!

You see I then remembered this happening previously in my life, feeling tired throughout the day then come 9pm when I may actually let myself sleep so I don't wake up at about 1am I'm not at all tired, even as I type this past midnight I am wide awake! No signs of fatigue AT ALL!!!

Seriously I could go a couple more hours!

Not drowsy...

Not sleepy...

No trouble keeping my eyes open...

No headache keeping me in constant agony...



I'M GOING TO GO DOWNSTAIRS, MAKE MYSELF SOME HOT CHOCOLATE BRING IT BACK UP THEN DRINK IT RIGHT BEFORE I GO TO BED. Not before I get undressed...not before I set up my tv to wake me up the next day...not before I switch off the light leaving only the bedside lamp on...not even before I remove my extra pillows. I drink then drop, simple as!

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Arthonious [userpic]

Today is Mum's birthday and I got her a card...I got it yesterday...the shop was closing so I had to choose quick...I'm a horrible son.

In other new I found this funny video and I...forget horrible son, I'm a horrible man!

Current Mood: amusedamused
Arthonious [userpic]

I have been using the beta for "Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy" expansion and they haven't updated it in quite a while. It's really annoying because I can't get computer players to accept any treaties I propose, even the ones that can be used in the original game.

On the bright side I do like that they don't hate me when I defend myself against them (they send ships to attack me them bite my head off when I don't bend over and take it). It's a good expansion in the making but far from a finished product.

Current Mood: frustratedbut hopeful
Arthonious [userpic]

I just sent off an email to a place called Reboot asking if I could volunteer in the new year. I went there yesterday and it seemed quite nice. They basically take apart old computers and salvage them for parts to make more up-to-date ones to sell off (low prices) as well as fix broken ones.

They also provide training so you get the skills and practical experience, and until you have the confidence to work alone one the the technicians watches over you while you do all the work giving advice as needed.

In other news, I didn't go on site today, for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to leave the room until about 4pm (I got up a little after 12pm). I just kept saying I would go in a minute and that snowballed. It may have been because my work clothes were downstairs but it didn't feel like that was the reason.

Anyhow, this is my fist post in about a year and 8 months (almost to the day) the last one being about the second time my laptop broke (grr...) and I hope to make more.

Current Mood: accomplished
Arthonious [userpic]

For the second time my laptop had broken down, the bottom third of the screen had been grayed out, and on top of the £50 just to get it checked out, I had to pay an additional £160 (rounded down) to get it fixed, when I heard they were going to replace the screen I thought the included the scratched top, but it didn't. At first I thought of buying myself an external monitor but that was about £120 and it takes away the fun of having a laptop. Then I thought to buy a new one, but to get one of the same specs would cost me at least £400 so I just got the repair. To sum up, broke down Monday 3rd, dropped it off for diagnosis and repair on Monday 17th, got the diagnosis on Thursday 20th, and finally got it back Saturday 29th (they had to order the new screen).

By the way, I found this great site for STC scans http://tkaserver.kicks-ass.net:2020/index.php?area=comics&comic=11

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Arthonious [userpic]

Need I say more?

Arthonious [userpic]

I have finally posted my video but despite my efforts it cuts out the last 2 seconds...I'm still feeling accomplished though as I found numerous sonic sprites on a site today and more importantly, I have used those sprites to improve my Gamemaker game (http://www.yoyogames.com/ if you want to use Gamemaker, it's free) and also I changed the music making it look and sound good.

Finally on the sprite site I found a comic strip called imsonicnia which is very funny, http://www.themysticalforestzone.com/Kajin/insonicnia.htm if anyone's interested.

That's all folks.

Current Mood: amusedamused
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